Sabrina Havens LAc LMT

Acupuncture Massage Herbs


"My gratitude for Sabrina Havens runs deep, and the only way I could possibly pay tribute is to express my thoughts and experiences in writing. By creating an environment of empathy and connectedness Sabrina has fulfilled a fundamental requisite for being a true healer and teacher. The effectiveness of her methods is evidenced by the progress her many patients have made through the years. In the several years since my husband and I started seeing Sabrina, besides reaching an overall increase in physical and mental health, my husband’s allergies have decreased ten-fold and through a variation of Acupuncture and Herbal remedies my decades-long struggle with a rare genetic skin disorder has virtually ended. Her passion for healing is earnest and she consistently demonstrates a rigorous commitment to providing the highest quality treatment tailored specifically to each individual she encounters. Besides being a competent expert in the field of Alternative Medicine, Sabrina is humble and kind at the core, and her mission in this lifetime is quietly and selflessly being accomplished. Simply. The. Best."

- Mary C.

"On August 2, 2015 I ran off a departing plane in full panic right before they closed the door. Days after I suffered from sleepless nights, continuous panic attacks and enormous amount of anxiety. I’ve never dealt with anything like this and felt lost in my own body. A month later I went to my first treatment with Sabrina. She listened & comforted me without judgement and informed me on all the things I needed to know about acupuncture. For 2-3 months I went weekly for treatments till one day I noticed that the number of panic attacks lessened and I was able to live my life day to day like I use to. I am still getting treatments twice a month for various reasons because I truly do believe that acupuncture is a fantastic alternative medicine and Sabrina genuinely cares for her patients." - Sayo H.

"I went to Sabrina for help with fertility, through her expertise with acupuncture and herbs I'm happy to say that I'm expecting!!" - Sue D.

"Sabrina is a friendly, knowledgeable, and vastly talented therapist. You'll feel wonderful upon leaving her table." - Brian S.

"From the moment you meet her, you can see that Sabrina is a compassionate and gifted woman. She puts you at ease and gets to the root of whatever is ailing you. She will stop at nothing until you are feeling better. By offering different accupuncture and herbal treatments, she finds the proper balance to treat your problem. I reccommend her to all my friends and family!" - Michelle L.

"Sabrina is the best acupuncturist ever! I feel very relaxed after I am finished. Whatever problems I have, acupuncture always seems to help and is my go-to when I want something fixed. The moxa really helps me with pain, it soothes it and makes it go away instantly! I'm definitely going to keep using acupuncture!" - Dana